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The Transformation Show

Jan 24, 2019

A healthy morning routine is an important part of creating a successful lifestyle. Everyone has their own morning ritual, but there are common components that successful people implement in their morning routine. Successful people often begin their day with exercise, faith, and reading. You may think that you are too busy to create healthy morning habits but these healthy habits can drastically change your life. If you think that a healthy morning routine is out of reach for you, listen to this episode to hear how you can begin to implement this important transformation in your life.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:22] What is your morning routine?
  • [4:49] What is Justin’s morning routine?
  • [13:39] What is Janell’s morning routine?
  • [20:20] A morning routine allows you to set yourself up to win the day
  • [22:43] How can you start a healthy morning routine?

How does Justin start his morning?

Justin has an astounding 3 hour morning routine. You may think, whoa, there’s no way that I can do that! But the good news is that you don’t have to! Your routine can be 3 minutes, 30 minutes, or even 3 hours. During his regimented 3 hour morning ritual, Justin includes a long workout with a 30 minute warm up. He also includes meditation, reading, and listening to podcasts or Audible books while walking the dog. Justin wasn’t always a morning person and his routine has evolved over many years. If you are someone who needs structure to your day, implementing a regimented healthy morning routine could be exactly what you need to kickstart your transformation.

A healthy morning routine doesn’t have to be so regimented

Maybe Justin’s morning ritual sounds like a bit much for you. It certainly is way more than I do! I implement all of the healthy habits that Justin does, but I spread them out throughout my day. My meditation takes place during my yoga class. I also workout throughout the day at the gym rather than at home. My gratitude journal is an important part of maintaining a positive mindset, but I do it at night. The first thing I do when I wake up is to drink warm lemon water. Hydration is an important part of my morning routine and really helps me take care of my body. I also read a nonfiction book and listen to a podcast. So are you more like Justin with a long, structured morning routine? Or is a shorter, less structured morning better for you?

A morning routine allows you to set yourself up to win the day

You may still not be sold on the idea of waking up so early. We totally get that! Justin and I are not morning people. It took years for both of us to develop healthy morning habits. One of the many benefits of creating a healthy morning ritual is that you are starting your day with a win. After implementing a morning routine you’ll find that your productivity increases, you will start to feel healthier and improve your mindset. Are you ready to start your day with a win? Listen to this episode of The Transformation Show to hear how a healthy morning routine is an important part of creating a healthy lifestyle.

How can you start a healthy morning routine?

You may be thinking that you are too busy for a healthy morning routine. But creating healthy morning habits can help stop the frantic mornings. Are you sick of being late, oversleeping, and rushing out of the door? Starting a healthy morning routine actually starts the night before. Instead of binge-watching the latest show on Netflix start by going to bed an hour earlier. Even if you have kids, you can do this. Before getting started, map it out. What does your ideal morning look like? It is different for everyone. Start small, you certainly don’t need to start with a 3-hour regimen. Even adding 10 minutes of quiet reflection can completely change your mindset. Use the resources section we have included to get started on creating a healthy morning routine.

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