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The Transformation Show

Feb 7, 2019

How much do you care about what people think of you? Is true happiness eluding you? Are you trying to make others happy rather than yourself? Today’s topic can be a sensitive subject for some. Many people find true happiness to be elusive because they are constantly trying to please others. Are you concerned about what people think of you? This worry can really affect your transformation. Learn how you can deal with the fear of being judged on this episode of The Transformation Show.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:22] How much do you care about what other people think?
  • [5:55] Do you have a fear of being judged?
  • [11:10] Do you feel judged by those closest to you?
  • [19:22] At the end of the day we are all just trying to be happy
  • [22:08] If you have been judging others, now is the time to stop
  • [26:02] Be conscious about who you follow on social media

Do you worry about what people think of you?

Many of us try to please everyone, but the truth is you just can’t. The old saying is true, when you try to please everyone you end up pleasing no one, least of all, yourself. It is impossible to live a happy life in the middle ground, trying to please everyone. If you do have a fear of being judged by others, you need to examine the reasons behind those fears. Look inward and discover what you need to work on within yourself. Why do you feel that you are being judged? Who do you feel would be judging you? How can you not be paralyzed by fear of being judged?

Do you feel judged by those closest to you?

Many of the women out there feel judged more than men. It’s something that we are born with. Women are natural people pleasers. Often we are brought up with the idea that we should please others. This makes living your own truth very challenging. We strive to please those that are closest to us and those that influence us. Have more kindness and compassion for yourself. You should realize that other people’s opinions are actually none of your business, but accepting that truth is harder than it seems. Who do you feel is really judging you?

Do you recognize that the fear of judgment is holding you back?

Living your truth can be hard. Your transformation can be hindered by the fear of judgment. When you let this fear overcome you then you aren’t able to live up to your true self. If your transformation is truly important to you then you need to focus on your goals and leave the rest behind. What people think of you isn’t important. Only you can live your best life. Once you recognize this then you can focus on your transformation journey. How will you overcome your fear of judgment? Discover ways by listening to this episode of The Transformation Show today.

How does social media affect your perception of reality?

Let’s face it, social media is a huge factor in our perception of reality. Everyone posts their highlight reels, but little of what they post is their true reality. If you are focusing on living your best life then it is important to ensure that you are conscious about who you follow on social media. If a feed demotivates you then you should unfollow it. Keep the motivational feeds close to you. Think about how you can motivate others on social media. Learn to be kinder to yourself and others. Encourage others and spread positivity. This will ensure that positivity comes flowing back to you as well.

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