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The Transformation Show

Mar 14, 2019

You just had a baby, a loved one died, you are suffering an injury -- you have the perfect excuse to interrupt your transformation. We all experience times in our lives when we have the perfect excuse to not workout or continue eating well or save for retirement or whatever. But guess what? Your perfect excuse is no excuse to stop your transformation. If you are serious about transforming your life that means marching on through thick and thin. Learn how you can get over the hump of your perfect excuse and continue to transform your life on this episode of The Transformation Show.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:22] Justin won’t make excuses even with a sprained ankle
  • [9:07] There are a lot of excuses that are ’legit’
  • [16:49] The secret to success is being able to maintain progress
  • [21:01] Is there something else going on?
  • [25:08] What is the first step to climb out of a downward spiral?

Is the all or nothing mindset your excuse for interfering with your transformation?

Recently Justin rolled his ankle while going down a flight of stairs. His mind immediately went to how the injury would interrupt the progress he was making on his leg workouts. He was all gloom and doom until he realized that he didn’t have to use this excuse to ruin his progress. Instead of striving for the perfect leg workouts or quitting leg workouts completely due to his injury he adapted. You can modify any program to meet you where you are. It’s okay to step back a bit and then rebuild your way back up to where you were and then where you want to be. Learn how to balance rather than using the all or nothing mindset.

The secret to success is being able to maintain your progress

There is a big difference between losing weight and weighing less. So many people yo-yo in their weight loss. They are constantly losing and gaining, losing and gaining again. This is due to the fact that when life throws them curveballs, (and let's face it, life is full of curveballs) they regress into their old habits. The secret to success in anything, not just in weight loss is being able to maintain your progress. It is so much harder to start back up again rather than to just maintain progress. If something significant has changed in your life making your transformation more of a challenge, then dig deep and figure out how you can go into maintenance mode to maintain the progress you have already made.

What is the first step to climb out of a downward spiral?

So what if you’re there right now. You have the perfect excuse, you want to transform your life but, but, but. What can you do? Pick one thing. Just focus on doing one thing today. Pick something that has a great impact and that doesn’t have a lot of output. You could drink more water, read a book, go to bed early, go to the gym, get outside in nature, or hire a trainer to motivate you. Exercise is an amazing catalyst to healthy living. Movement is imperative to life. Once you start moving you will feel stronger. When you feel strong in your body you will feel strong in other areas. Life is going to keep throwing things at you. How you take care of your body is how you are going to take care of everything else.

How do you continue your transformation when you have the perfect excuse not to?

Whatever your excuse is, you can continue on. You don’t have to let your perfect excuse stop you from reaching your goals. There are so many small things you can do to simply maintain the progress you have made so far. You can get back to the big gains whenever your life settles down. Right now focus on maintaining your progress. It’s okay to do things differently. You can workout at home if getting to the gym is too much of a challenge right now. You can still get protein and vegetables into your diet even though you are crazy busy. So what are you going to do to maintain your progress?

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