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The Transformation Show

May 9, 2019

After a recent medical scare, Justin and I have come to realize just how important it is to have a team of experts working with you on your total body health. On this episode of The Transformation Show, we’ll use Justin’s example to show you why it is so important to listen to your body to help you discover what it is really trying to say. You’ll appreciate that everything is connected mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally and that when one thing is out of place your body may use physical pain to let you know. And finally, you will come to realize why having a team of healthcare experts can help you understand your body better. So listen in to this episode to discover how to listen to your body.

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:22] Justin recently had a 10-day headache
  • [12:02] Finally the beginning of the answer to the headache
  • [16:24] He found a holistic doctor that could help
  • [20:52] How has past physical trauma affected your body?
  • [28:03] Will Justin continue to work on his psoas?
  • [31:44] Don’t give up your hard work

Pain is merely a symptom of something bigger

Recently Justin had a headache that lasted for 10 days! While this sounds pretty excruciating it was even more worrisome because he doesn’t typically get headaches. It also wasn’t a typical headache, it was tied in with the movements of his body. When he moved in certain ways a horrible pain would shoot through the muscles in his head. He doesn’t usually take medication but after several days of the intense pain, he relented to taking ibuprofen. He and I racked our brains trying to think about what could be the cause of the problem. We knew that the headache was merely a symptom of a bigger problem. What was Justin’s body trying to tell him?

Everything is connected

During this painful time, he got several adjustments at the chiropractor. Together they tried to work out what the problem could be. It wasn’t until he received a massage at the club that he was finally able to develop a hypothesis. The masseuse asked him about his recent deep work with his psoas. She reminded him about the psoas playing a role in triggering emotional trauma. That’s when a light came on. Of course, Justin and I both knew about the role the psoas play in the body’s processing an emotional release, but we were so close to the situation that it had never occurred to us that the psoas might be the culprit of the agony in his head.

Healthcare experts can help you connect the dots

When there is something going on with your body it is important to see a team of healthcare experts. You can’t always think of everything yourself which is why it is valuable to have your own team working with you to find the answers. You need to investigate further to discover the root of the problem. Whatever the body is doing is just a symptom, it is vital to find the underlying problem. Your team of healthcare experts can work with you to identify the deeper issues. Even though Justin and I had plenty of background knowledge about how the body works we were so close to the problem that we couldn’t connect the dots.

When stress brings you down it's your healthy habits that will keep you going

You may be wondering if Justin will continue to work on his psoas after discovering that this was the culprit in his pain. The answer is yes. Although he will ease up a bit and won’t work this area with such intensity, he understands that deep work often triggers pain. When stress brings your transformational work down, its habit that helps you continue the journey. With the help of his team of healthcare experts, he was able to discover the root of the problem and understand the underlying causes. Together they will continue to work on bringing his body back to balance. His healthy routine will help him continue on his transformation journey, are you developing healthy habits to get you through challenges?

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