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The Transformation Show

May 16, 2019

When you are trying to create a healthy lifestyle its a good idea to choose the right minimums. You may be wondering what I mean by minimums. Your minimums are the habits that you can consistently do every day no matter what. You should be able to manage your minimums when you are under stress or even when you are on vacation. No matter what life throws at you, you can do these 1-5 habits every day. Find out what our minimums are, why we have them, and how we manage to do them each day by listening to this episode of The Transformation Show.

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:22] Questions to ask yourself
  • [4:46] So what are our base minimums?
  • [11:46] Why don’t we drink?
  • [15:07] Why did we choose to eliminate gluten from our diets?
  • [21:37] Don’t try to do everything at once

What are our minimums for a healthy lifestyle?

We have a few things that we do each day that are no-brainers and we don’t even have to think about accomplishing these tasks every day. We are able to do them when we travel or when we are under stress. We know that by having these minimums in our lives we are able to handle anything that life throws at us with much more grace.

  • Every day we drink (at least) as many ounces as our weight in water.
  • We ensure that we sleep enough every day.
  • We don’t drink.
  • We eat a gluten-free diet.
  • We move our bodies every day.
  • We practice self-care.
  • We eat 5 servings of veggies daily.
  • A daily gratitude practice helps us keep everything in perspective.

Choose the right minimums for you right now

You may be looking at our minimums and think, no way! I can’t do all of these things. Well, there’s good news, you don’t have to! When learning how to manage your minimums it’s important to choose the right minimums. They aren’t the right minimums for you if it is a constant battle to get them done. If you are walking around the kitchen every night or climbing your stairs to try and get steps in then you may have chosen the wrong goal. Don’t try to do it all at once. Choose 1 thing at a time to work on until you have a good set of minimums to help you live your healthy lifestyle.

How to choose your minimums?

When you are trying to figure out what minimums can help you live a healthy lifestyle there some questions that you can consider.

  1. What habits or behaviors do you perform consistently?
  2. Which small changes have you made that have made a big difference?
  3. What can you do to get the biggest or best ROI?
  4. What makes you feel good physically, emotionally, and mentally?
  5. What makes your body work best?

When you think about these questions it can help you discover how to best begin to choose your minimums.

Why don’t we drink?

It’s funny because we take a hard line with many health issues but the one that raises many eyebrows is drinking. Many people drink for social reasons and some use alcohol as a coping mechanism. We don’t drink, period. We don’t drink not due to alcoholism or anything like that. But there are a few reasons. The first is performance. We run a service-based business and we simply perform better without alcohol in our lives. When I was younger I worked hard and partied hard. I used alcohol as a coping mechanism. But when I was drinking I had a hard time managing my emotions and my weight. So when considering your minimums, ask yourself why do you drink? Is it enhancing your life? Or are you using it as a coping mechanism?

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