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The Transformation Show

May 30, 2019

Have you been working hard on your transformation but you just don’t see your fitness results? We recently asked our newsletter subscribers what their biggest frustration was in their health and fitness goals. Many people responded that they are not seeing their fitness results or they aren’t seeing the results fast enough. Lack of results often causes people to give up on their transformation journey too soon. In this age of instant gratification, we want to see results now. Listen to this episode to discover how to achieve better fitness results and find out how to measure your fitness results.

Outline of This Episode

  • [4:22] Do you have an expectation gap?
  • [9:25] What are you defining as results?
  • [16:19] Recognize what other factors may be affecting your health
  • [21:20] A fitness professional can help you track your results
  • [25:25] Find joy in the journey
  • [30:30] How can you recognize fitness results?

Do you have an expectation gap?

We often have big expectations about what should happen during our transformation and how much time it should take. When our goals aren’t met in time this expectation gap can bring disappointment. Some people even quit trying to obtain their nutrition and fitness goals. We also think that if we were able to do something at one point in our lives we should be able to do the same thing again today. It’s important to remember that what worked for you one time may not work again. Try talking to a professional to find out what realistic results you can expect to gain.

How do you define fitness results?

What are you defining as fitness results? Many people only measure their weight on a scale or their body mass. But sleeping well, having more energy, being in a better mood and feeling better are great results! What do results actually mean? You may think that body composition and weight loss are the results, but the results you really want in your life can be measured by how you feel. Do you feel more confident, has your mood improved, do you have more energy, and are you happier? Having a happier and healthier life is far more important than a number on a scale. What do you really want to achieve and what are you willing to do to achieve that?

Recognize what other factors may be affecting your health

If you aren’t obtaining the fitness results that you want you may want to consider what else is going on in your life. Age is a big factor that affects results. If you are entering or are in menopause it can be hard to lose weight. If you recently experienced a loss this could also affect your results. If you are experiencing a life transition then it can be hard to maintain your nutrition and fitness goals. Support your body in any way you can in spite of any other limiting factors. You aren’t transforming your life just to see fitness results, you are doing them to live a healthier life. Drinking plenty of water, eating more vegetables, and moving your body are important for your overall well being, don’t stop doing them because you don’t see the pounds melting away.

Find joy in the journey

Many people think that they will be happy once they get to the end of their transformation. But there is no end destination. You are creating a new lifestyle, the fitness results aren’t the true goal. You have to find a way to experience happiness on your transformational journey. Many people reach their fitness goals but then quickly revert to their old habits. Rather than thinking of short-term goals consider your long-term objectives. Fitness is like personal finance. You don’t think you’ll build wealth overnight. Building wealth takes a lifetime of good habits, so does fitness.

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