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The Transformation Show

Dec 6, 2018

Over the holidays many people reach a weight loss plateau. This can be frustrating after weeks or months of hard work. But did you know, people actually tend to gain more weight between Halloween and New Year’s than they do between New Year’s and Halloween? So if you don’t gain any weight during the holiday season you’re actually winning! Even though stagnating in your weight loss goals is challenging, today you’ll discover why coming to a plateau in weight loss is not as scary as you think. One of the biggest struggles people have in maintaining their transformation is that they are always focused on losing, find out why plateauing is actually a good thing on this episode of The Transformation Show.

Outline of This Episode

  • [3:05] Do you even want to lose weight?
  • [8:02] Transformation is not all or nothing
  • [12:22] Aging leads to body mass changes
  • [16:02] Why is a weight loss plateau a good thing?
  • [21:56] What are some strategies you can use to maintain your goal?
  • [26:10] What are the foundational nutritional habits that give you your best you?

Why do you want to lose weight?

When striving towards a self-transformation you really need to step back and ask yourself why? Why do you want to lose weight? What do you really want? Do your actions line up with your goals? The truth is, nobody actually wants to lose weight. They want the feeling that they think they’re going to get when they actually lose the weight. So what feeling are you working towards? Do you want to lose weight for your health and because of how you will feel once you are in shape? Or do you want to lose weight because of how you think others will perceive you? Before you can transform yourself you must know your motivation.

Why is a weight loss plateau a good thing?

If you lose 20 lbs then you then have that much less weight to carry around throughout the day. That is fantastic, but now your body is working less. Now, to lose more you actually have to work harder than you did at the beginning of your weight loss journey. This means your progress slows down over time. The setpoint theory states that your body prefers not to change. This lack of change is called homeostasis. It takes a period of time for your body to establish a new set point. So while you are plateauing your body is establishing a new set point. Don’t worry so much about losing when you plateau: let your body establish a new norm.

Weight loss is not a linear progression

Everything has its ups and downs. Learning, the stock market, and weight loss all rise and fall over time. As we get older we lose lean body mass. This is why weight creeps up as you age. Maintaining your fitness level as you age is a fantastic long-term goal. If you do nothing then your body will regress over time. Maintenance cultivates behaviors that lead to good habits. A maintenance training program doesn’t involve the same amount of commitment as a weight loss regimen. The holidays are a good season to have the goal of maintenance. Shift your mindset to maintenance over the holidays to help you keep a good attitude about your transformation.

What are some strategies you can use to maintain your goal?

The holiday season is a difficult time to focus on self-care, but there are strategies you can use to maintain your transformation.

  • Continue to make yourself a priority when life gets busy.
  • Instead of worrying about weight loss goals, think about how you want to feel.
  • You have control over how much water you drink. Make sure to drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day. It’s so important to stay hydrated when you increase your alcohol, sugar, and caffeine intake.
  • Remember to eat plenty of protein to stay satiated and to regulate your blood sugar. This will help you to keep from binging on sugary snacks.

Find out more easy maintenance strategies you can use to maintain your transformation goals by listening to this episode of The Transformation Show.

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