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The Transformation Show

Jan 3, 2019

Are you looking for goal setting tips and resources to stay on track with your goals? A new year brings new opportunities to evaluate your life and set actionable goals. We don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, but we do believe in setting goals that mean something to you. It doesn’t have to be a new year to come up with ways to transform your life. Most resolutions are made for the wrong reason. They are made without much thought as to why the goal was set and no action plan. Without these key components, it's no wonder that the majority of resolutions never come to fruition. If you are ready to make 2019 your best year ever, then listen to this episode of The Transformation Show to discover goal setting tips and resources to help you transform your life.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:22] Why we don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions
  • [4:45] Evaluate your previous year
  • [7:32] What were the lessons or opportunities you learned over the past year
  • [8:45] What are your limiting beliefs?
  • [11:20] Behavior goals vs. outcome goals
  • [17:23] Designing your future
  • [22:06] Why you should write down your goals
  • [30:13] Know your why
  • [34:02] Break your goal down

Evaluate your previous year

Before you can set new goals for the year it's important to reflect and think about the goals that you achieved and didn’t achieve in the past. First, think about which goals you didn’t achieve. Why didn’t you achieve them? Is it because they were no longer relevant or were there specific reasons that you didn’t accomplish them? Once you think about what went well and what didn’t then you can learn from those lessons. After you reflect on the past year you can let go of it and move forward.

What are your limiting beliefs?

After reflecting upon your past goals you can think about your belief system. Where does your belief system fit in your ups and downs? Your limiting beliefs can hold you back and affect how you make decisions. We don’t think things are even possible when we have beliefs holding us back. Limiting beliefs can filter your goals. What areas of your life have limiting beliefs holding you back? Learn how to turn your limiting beliefs into opportunities.

Behavior goals vs. outcome goals

There is a difference between outcome goals and behavior goals. Outcome goals tend to be the ones that most people set. They are often arbitrary and we have little control over them. Often people set weight loss goals based on a number of pounds they want to lose. Behavior goals bring the power back to you. They make intentions the focus rather than numbers. Are you looking to gain more control over your goals? Tracking progress of your behavior is a great way to take control of your goals. Listen to more goal setting tips on this episode of The Transformation Show.

5 reasons why you should write down your goals

People who write their goals down have a higher chance of achieving them. You can even go further and carry them with you or make them ever present in your life. If you publicly announce your goals you will even be more apt to succeed in your goals. Here are 5 reasons why you should write your goals down.

  1. Writing down your goals forces you to clarify them. Clarity brings about specific and actionable steps.
  2. Writing down your goals motivates you to take action. You can’t move forward without taking action first.
  3. Writing down your goals helps you overcome resistance. Your limiting beliefs are often pushing back against you. Writing down your goals helps you push away your limiting beliefs and move past them.
  4. Writing down your goals filters other opportunities. This can lead to the butterfly effect. Small changes in your life can lead to large ones that have an impact in all areas of your life.
  5. Writing down your goals enables you to see and celebrate your progress. Celebrating your progress changes your energy and gives you better clarity. Seeing your small steps toward your goal helps to move you forward.

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