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The Transformation Show

Feb 28, 2019

We all may complain about healthcare, but do you know the difference between sick care vs. healthcare? Dr. Jeff Algajer is a neurologically based chiropractor located in Chaska that has a passion for restoration. He joins us on The Transformation Show today to discuss how to recognize the difference between sick care vs. health care and how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:22] Why chiropractic care?
  • [7:35] When did he realize the difference between sick care vs. health care
  • [14:45] Most people only go to the chiropractor when they are feeling bad
  • [22:48] Does he have any transformational stories?
  • [32:08] Has he noticed a change in children?
  • [34:25] Why should we move to live?
  • [38:21] How much do you need to move to be healthy?

Why did he choose chiropractic care?

Jeff was always interested in health and after an injury, he became interested in chiropractic care. He admits that there is a lot of freedom in his work and he basically works for himself. There are various different techniques between chiropractors and they vary due to a difference in philosophies.

Jeff is fascinated by the fact that our bodies can heal so well. They are essentially built for health. But the slightest shift in the spine can cause problems in the communication between the nervous system and the rest of the body. This problem in communication is called subluxation and it can cause the body to break down and misfunction. Chiropractic care improves nerve communication and can lead to healing in the body.

When did Jeff begin to realize the difference between sick care vs. health care?

When we don’t feel well we go to the doctor. The doctor examines us and asks about our symptoms. Then this usually leads to a diagnosis and medication to treat the symptoms of the ailment. Unfortunately, this is just treating sickness. Healthcare system is not set up to encourage health. The drugs that are prescribed by doctors often interfere with the body’s amazing natural ability to heal itself. The underlying problems are never fixed. To fix these problems people would have to drastically change their lifestyle rather than just pop a pill.

What is stress?

When most people talk about the stress they are talking about mental stress that they have in their lives. But the technical meaning of stress is anything that forces the body out of homeostasis. When the body is in homeostasis it is not changing. If we want to change the way our body works: to get stronger and healthier, then we need to impose stress. When you go to the gym to train you are stressing your body. It is then important for the body to rest. This cycle of stimulus and recovery is what training is all about.

What can you do to focus on real health care?

Salutogenesis is a term that literally means health creation. Real health care is all about doing things that are healthy for you. This means doing a job you love, moving your body (a lot!), and eating good foods. Your illnesses are the result of you living in a distressed state or a toxic environment. When you truly begin to focus on the health of your whole body then you can start living a healthy life. You can’t just go to the gym for a few months and expect change. The changes you make are a lifetime commitment. (There are no hacks to health care!) Eating right, exercising, and drinking enough water will bring about a better version of yourself.

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