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The Transformation Show

Apr 4, 2019

If you want to transform your life and become the best version of you then you’ll need to learn how to overcome insecurity. Recently Justin and I attended the Powerful Living Experience event and saw an amazing speaker. Dr. Sean Stephenson really made an impact on the stage and on us. He shared his Unstoppable Formula which teaches 3 ways to overcome insecurity and we want to share it with you. Listen to this episode of The Transformation Show to hear how to overcome insecurity and transform your life.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:22] Sean Stephenson made an impact as a speaker at the Powerful Living Experience
  • [6:30] Self-care is more important than you think
  • [12:45] Align your life with purpose
  • [20:35] Surround yourself with an empowering environment

Overcome insecurity and change the world

One look at Sean Stephenson and you will understand that he has had plenty of challenges. He was born with a bone disorder and broke bones over 200 times before he was 18. He has every reason to be down on himself and be upset about the hand he was dealt, but instead, he turned his challenges into a gift. He used the container he was given to become a voice to the world. His mission in life is to eliminate insecurity. He feels that insecurity is the root of every issue and that if you can overcome insecurity you can transform yourself and the world.

How do you overcome insecurity?

The first way to overcome insecurity is through self-care. Of course, we always preach that self-care is important on this show, but that’s because it's true! If you can take a bit of time for yourself each day you will feel stronger and more confident in every area of your life. When you don’t feel good, you don’t feel strong enough to tackle the real problems you face. Sean had an amazing insight that we have seen in our work with moms - “People will die for their kids but they don’t live for them.” Remember the old adage, monkey see, monkey do. Your kids are watching how you live your life. Stop sacrificing everything for your kids and show them how to live instead.

Align with your life purpose

When you figure out your life’s purpose it dramatically increases your energy. But just figuring out your life purpose is not enough. You need to go one step further and align your life to that purpose. Once you know your life purpose and align your life to live it you can’t help but have more energy each day. Living on purpose gives you a reason to get out of bed in the morning. It’s important to understand that your life purpose doesn’t have to be your job. There are other parts of your life where you live your purpose. One great way to keep your life aligned with your purpose is to create a purpose statement and keep it present.

Surround yourself with an empowering environment

You have heard that the 5 people you surround yourself with the most are the people you are most likely to become like. Learn how to elevate your network. Find out how you can surround yourself with people that have done or are currently doing what you want to do. Get out of your normal space into an empowering space. Put yourself in an environment where you want to be. Once you are there you need to remember to show up. Be more engaged in the group so that you can make the most out of that environment. If you are ready to overcome insecurity and transform your life listen to this episode of The Transformation Show to help you get started.

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