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The Transformation Show

Dec 27, 2018

As we wrap up the year we thought it would be fun to celebrate our favorite things from the 5 life categories of faith, family, fitness, fun, and finances. 2018 has been an incredible year and rather than dwell on goals that we didn’t accomplish we prefer to celebrate what we did accomplish as well as reflect on our favorites from the 5 F categories. Listen to this episode to hear our favorite things including some excellent recommendations in the areas of faith, family, fitness, fun, and finances.

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:12] Favorites from faith
  • [10:36] How have we transformed our relationship
  • [20:16] Our house has been a fun transformation for us
  • [22:44] Consistency has been key
  • [25:09] Travel is our fun
  • [28:37] Investment reading
  • [32:36] Accomplishments

Our favorite books about faith and personal development

I love using Audible to listen to audiobooks. I can listen to books anywhere and anytime, plus it makes commutes and road trips more fun. Some of my favorites this year were Girl, Wash Your Face, This Messy Magnificent Life, and Women, Food, and God. Although some were written with women in mind they apply to everyone. Justin’s favorites were a bit more sciencey - he enjoyed reading Peak Performance, The Leading Brain, and Willpower Doesn’t Work. Check out the links in the resources section. What were your favorite faith and personal development books this year?

How have we transformed our relationship

We believe in using couples therapy as a preventative measure. Since we have coaches for many other areas of our lives, why wouldn’t we want a coach to help us make the most of our relationship? Another thing that has really helped us reach our relationship goals was a couples connection course that we took. The course helped us set goals by encouraging us to write them down and share them. It is so important, even with busy lives, to take time to step back and put our goals and dreams down on paper. This helps to gain clarity and really get intentional about goal setting. Do you set relationship goals with your partner?

Fitness goals aren’t always about losing weight

Everyone thinks that fitness goals have to be a big deal. But sometimes we enter into a season of life where just maintaining consistency can be the goal. With a big move under our belts this year, staying consistent in my workout schedule was a real commitment. Justin didn’t partake in an enormous exercise program either. But he made a goal to better his push-ups and he accomplished it. Sticking with an exercise plan can be a real accomplishment full of ups and downs. Achieving goals is rarely a linear progression.

We celebrate our accomplishments

There are plenty of things that we didn’t accomplish during 2018, but rather than dwell on them, we choose to celebrate what we did accomplish. We celebrate moving into a new house and making it a home. I started a new regimen to take care of my skin. And Justin began consulting, as well as a new venture with Pat Rigsby, and we started this podcast! How are you celebrating what you have accomplished this past year? Listen to this episode of The Transformation Show to hear our favorites from faith, family, fitness, fun, and finance from 2018.

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